UNIAPPLY is an Advanced Student Recruitment Platform allowing Recruitment Partners to apply student’s application to our partnered universities from One Single Platform. Our team of experts will provide extensive support to recruitment partners on every step from Admissions right from applications to Visa stage.

Why to choose us?

Simplified Platform

Complete a single application and apply to several potential institutions. UNIAPPLY is extremely user friendly and lets you save your valuable time enabling you to focus more on finding the right student-institution matches

University Finder

Search, shortlist, and download course catalogues and program documents using UNIFINDER. Streamline your search for the right institution.

Fast Application Submission

Our student admission processing is one of the best in the industry. With UNIAPPLY, We make sure application will be tackled within 12- 24 hours

Value Added Services

Our support does not stop at application process. We also support in Team training, credibility Interview, Student conversion, Course Shortlist, Visa assistance & Accommodation assistance.

Get Rewarded Now

We value your partnership. We offer higher Commission than any other overseas education company on successful recruitment without any delays. You could even earn a bonus commission on successful recruitments.

Unwavering Commitment

We offer our constant support from the time of the application is submitted until the student is ready for departure.


Steps to


Recruitment Partner Profile Assessment

Step 2

Access to UNIAPPLY

Step 4

Get Rewarded

Final Step

Sign Up

Step 1

Official Agreement

Step 3

Successful Student Enrolment

Step 5

Frequently Asked Question's

UNIABROAD is an international student recruitment company managed by international education experts, UNIAPPLY is a student recruitment platform created by UNIABROAD. UNIAPPLY platform will assist recruitment partners to apply Student’s application to our partnered universities from one single platform.

Student Recruitment Companies, Foreign University Preparatory Exam Institutions, Freelancers Etc. can Partner with UNIABROAD.

We specialize in recruiting students the UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Dubai and Malaysian Universities.
UNIABROAD works with around 100 – 120 Institutes directly, Many more universities are in the pipeline. You can find in Universities list in the name of “Promotional University”.

UNIAPPLY Platform is quiet self-explanatory and is easy to understand. But if we receive training request from you, then we can schedule a training session after the agreement is signed.

In terms of Commission, we offer higher Commission than any other overseas education company.
We support in application Process, Team training, credibility Interview, Student conversion & Visa assistance.
Partners will be notified after every stage of the application process via Email and WhatsApp chats.
Yes we do issue digital copies of our marketing materials to our partners.
It is the foundation of all that we do to support you. We provide the highest data confidentiality standards. Please also refer to our Terms and Conditions for Recruiters in regard to data security.