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Abroad Education is a dream that many nurture. With the help of UNIAPPLY, transform your DREAMS into a REALITY!!!!

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Recruitment Partners

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UNIAPPLY is an advanced student recruitment platform allowing recruitment partners to apply student's application to our partnered universities from one single platform. Our team of experts will provide extensive support to recruitment partners on every step from Admissions right from applications to Visa stage.

Apply to multiple schools with one profile


Apply to top quality school globally

High quality applications & acceptance rates


Apply to the school of your dreams in 5 minutes

Search and apply for free to the programs and schools that best fit your needs. Uni-Apply ensures the eligibility and completeness of your applications leading to an excellent acceptance rate. It takes minute to build your profiles and seconds to apply to as many programs as you wish.

Launching soon !!

Recruitment Partners:

Access hundreds of schools globally

Uni-Apply helps you access hundreds of quality schools and thousands of programs for your students. Grow your business while Uni-Apply takes care of the applications and admissions of your students.

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